The Burgess Animal Book for Children (Paperback)

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This spectacular story by Thornton Burgess offers a lively narrative and descriptions of the many animals Peter Rabbit encounters in each and every chapter. We join Peter Rabbit who is very curious about the other animals in his forest. Mother Goose agrees to teach him about the creatures and their nature, and takes him on a journey through the forest to find them. Gradually, the entire mammalian order is covered by the pair, as they enjoy their adventuring through the forested lands. Featuring many creatures of interest to children, this superb text is both a work of fiction and an educational introduction to animals and their qualities. Lively and filled with dialogue between the characters, this classic text is rare for combining both teaching with a genuinely excellent story.
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ISBN: 9781387873678
ISBN-10: 1387873679
Publication Date: June 11th, 2018
Pages: 134
Language: English