When Doors Close: Changing Course in Missions Without Losing Your Way (Paperback)

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"You have ten days to leave the country." I didn't want to hear these words. Five months pregnant with our first child and seeing people come to the Lord, so many good things were happening. Did God not call us here? What did this closed door mean for me and my ministry?What do you do when your life and work come to a screeching halt because of government upheaval, security concerns, illness, aging parents, children's needs, or a global pandemic? Carol Ghattas understands your struggles and helps you prepare for the challenges in her book, When Doors Close: Changing Course in Missions Without Losing Your Way.Beginning with the foundation of an open door to service and some reality checks, Ghattas, a veteran in cross-cultural ministry, leads you through a variety of challenges you can face in service. Addressing each potential obstacle, she gives practical and biblical insights in how to face them with grace, confidence, and increased trust in the sovereignty of God.This book provides questions for individual reflection or group discussion, making it an excellent resource for all those seeking to serve God in ministry or cross-cultural work."Carol Ghattas' When Doors Close is a breath of fresh air for those serving beyond their comfort zones. From her decades of experience in Kingdom ministry in various contexts, Ghattas offers a much-needed encouragement for today's workers. Compelling, practical, and full of hope, this book is like a balm in Gilead for every puzzled, discouraged, or distressed minister."- Ayman Ibrahim, Ph.D. Bill and Connie JenkinsAssociate Professor of Islamic Studies. Director, Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam. With over thirty years in missions, Carol Ghattas knows the effects sudden change can bring to life and ministry. Her cross-cultural experience is not confined to one region, country, or people group. Ghattas has worked among Laotians, West Africans, and Arabs. She has lived what she writes, reflected in this book as well as her non-fiction work and novels, which she wrote under the pen name Um Daoud. Ghattas is a sought-after speaker on Islam, missions, and other topics. Connect with her through her blog at lifeinexile.net.
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ISBN: 9781662815355
ISBN-10: 1662815352
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 2021
Pages: 236
Language: English